VPN installation
VPN installation
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Do you know anything about the VPN installation on Android device? Want to protect your data, or do you just want to keep your privacy? Prices for VPN installation services are currently declining and the applications are performing better. It is also possible to configure a VPN server on Android smartphone. You can only enjoy it if you already have a subscription to a VPN service. So find out in this article how to do  VPN installation on Android.

Reason Behind VPN installation On Android

We only do VPN installation in order to access content that is unavailable in a country. Assuming somebody from the United States who lives in Germany is unable to watch a YouTube video because of restrictions. This restriction was only set up by his home country due to a reason best known to them. In this case, the use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) makes sense. This will give you an ability to protect yourself from pirates and other spies


Whether you have a Windows PC, Mac OS or any Linux distribution, VPN installation will enhance your privacy. Also, the words “security” and “anonymity” between you and the internet will be possible. Starting with security, this can prevent a person or a malicious robot from accessing your device. The reason is that the virtual private network will act as a shield. In the end, you will understand that it is not you who is attacked, but the VPN server used. Also, they are rather well protected as a rule through their security system also encrypted.

Not to mention anonymity! Most users do VPN installation in order to hide their IP address from their ISP. This makes it possible not to be compromised by its access provider. Additionally, in order to leave no trace of your navigation on the sites visited. By operating a VPN, websites will record an IP address, but not your own. With the VPN installation, the sites you connect to can never identify you and know from which country you come from or which browser or operating system you use to log in.

Preventing Public WiFi From Stealing Your Data with VPN installation

From the moment you connect to a public WiFi network you should be aware that it may spy on you. Not only spying, but also collect personal data of your mobile device) without your knowledge. At the same time, this can also open a way for malicious hackers who may be able to go snooping around the sensitive data area. Thus identify identifiers and passwords, your credit card and / or telephone number, etc.


If you are surfing the open air, you must assume that your personal data can be compromised at any time. With an VPN installation server, your navigation is encrypted. It is therefore difficult to see impossible for a hacker to break the key. It is possible, but often discouraging, because the process takes a long time. Finally, if possible, no chest is inviolable. Nothing prevents you to place a second lock to make the task still easier for the hackers. Again, VPN installation will negatively affect your browsing speed. In free, the flows are low. This is why it is better to move towards a paying one.

Countering the restrictions of certain websites through VPN installation server

If you do not know, the mobile operator, Free Mobile and the online video platform YouTube have been for some different. As a result of the races, Free Mobile subscribers end up with a streaming internet stream on YouTube with videos that take longer to load. With VPN installation, you will generate a new IP, and thus temporarily hide yours. In short, this will make it possible to break this bridle since you will no longer be able to identify.

Using VPN installation to make telecommunicating with peacefulness

In the professional world, there are many companies that operate secure private networks to pass on their data. This is also the case in teleworking. Take an example of an employee who must report with sensitive information. To make them transit, the latter will need a secure gateway, once it is completed. Why?, its nothing but so that the information and its identity are not compromised.

VPN installation Slow down the connection speed

In itself, it is a little raging but logical. It must be assumed that the servers to which you connect are encrypted, and can sometimes also be very far. If you take these factors into account, you will then understand why the connection is not as fast / fluid as yours. At the same time, using a “free” virtual private network will also affect the connection speed. Generally, this type of offer is limited to 100 or 200 Kbit / s in Internet browsing speed. Well, it is not famous but it has the merit to work anyway.

VPN Installation on Android

Several solutions open to you. You can choose one of the applications that we offer you in this list. But it is also possible to manually do VPN installation if you already have the identifiers.

The procedure that follows is very simple. First, you must of course provide your login to connect to your VPN (the same as on the web version). As always, menu names may vary somewhat depending on your Android version, but you’ll need to find the VPN menu.

  1. Go to Settings> More …> VPN and click on the cross on the top right to add a VPN > Click the + icon at the top right.
  2. Choose the type of VPN that corresponds to yours and enter a name for your VPN
  3. Enter the address of your VPN server

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  1. Enable encryption
  2. Click Save
  3. All you have to do is click on the created VPN and enter your VPN username and password.

While you’re connected to your VPN, you’ll see a VPN notification enabled in your notification tray.

How to automatically connect to the VPN on Android

Since version 4.2, Android offers the ability to constantly use your VPN. When this option is enabled, Android does not use DATA outside the VPN installation. This can be particularly useful if you often use a public WiFI connection.

To automatically connect to the VPN on Android, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to Settings> More> VPN
  2. Click the VPN with which you want to connect all the time
  3. Click the icon at the top right of the menu, then click Permanent VPN, then choose your profile.

So, this is the end of the tutorial. Hopefully, the article is one or another way helpful. If you have any comment, let’s know through the below comment box. Don’t forget to share.



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