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Change Windows Folder Color (7, 8 & 10) with Folder Colorizer and FolderIco

Tips To Change Windows Folder Color

This tutorial is all about the most effortless way to change your Windows folder color. With these 2 software (Folder colorizer and FolderIco), you can change the color of your Windows 7, 8 or 10 folders.

You can leave your personal computer PC all over with multiple colors and themes selection. Presently, do you know how you could change the color of your Windows folders? The framework cannot do this, but rather the program Folder colorizer and FolderIco gives you the access to make these alterations. The best of this program is that, it is nothing but easy to use, and it’s perfect and compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10.

Making your computer folders diverse colored has more than a shallow impact which makes exploring Windows folders a good time. You can set the color code for every single folder which will ease up a much measure of things. What’s more, the most stunning thing is that it will influence your PC to clean and cool. Folder Colorizer is a free software with which you can dole out a shading set for every folder in explorer.

Methods to Change Windows 7, 8 & 10 Folder Color

When you through with the software installation, you get some predefined colors. Now, tap on any folder available on your Windows. You can pick your most loved color from that point.

METHOD #1: Change Window folder color with Folder Colorizer

Now follow the below guides and steps to change color of a folder using folder colorizer.

  1. Explore to download full free version of Folder Colorizer from cnet.
  2. When through with Folder Colorizer downloading, the next thing is to open the setup file and install the application.
  3. You will see license agreement page, just make sure you accept it as shown in the below picture. If you reject the agreement, you won’t be able to proceed.change windows folder color
  4. Here, you will see a pop up page which will ask you to customize your installation. You will need to select your installation if you don’t want the default Windows drive, otherwise, tap on “Install Now”.change windows folder color
  5. You may not see any welcome page once the installation complete, however, that doesn’t mean that you do follow the correct instruction. Now, select one folder, then, right-click the folder, you will see a new option, i.e. “Colorize”change windows folder color
  6. Select any color of your choice from the pop up color patterns, and the effect will take place instantly.change windows folder color
  7. You might not like the way it is, you can restore it to its first color of the folder. Now, use the right-click on the folder, choose colorize and lastly select “Restore Original color”. The changes will make to the default instantly.

change windows folder color

METHOD #2: Change Window Folder Color using FolderIco

FolderIco software gives you a room to change Windows folder color with one click. This is amazing, right?! With FolderIco, you can change Windows folders color as you wish. With just one click of FolderIco, you will be able to colorize your Windows folders, and see a new in-built way to organize your files.

Follow the below steps to Change Windows Folder color on Windows 7, 8 and 10:

  1. Firstly search for this keyword (FolderIco)  on internet from your computer, download and install it instantly.change windows folder color
  2. When through with the installation, just explore window, and right-click on a folder to open the menu.change windows folder color
  3. Look for “Change Folder Icon” option and move your cursor to find a submenu.change windows folder color
  4. Now that different options are displaying on the submenu items, select any of the preferable options to set your Folder icon.

change windows folder colorThat’s all about the tips to change Windows Folder color and customize it with the help of Folder colorizer and FolderIco software. We will update the post as soon as possible. Do you have any app to add? Just mention it via the below comment box.  Thanks for reading. Love you all!




  1. I did not know that you can do this , but remember the special folder icons … was there not a limitation in windows how many icons you can actual have ?

  2. Haaa! I love this article. When I was a kid or you can say when I started using a computer, my first experiment was to change the colour of icons and folders. to lock and unlock those folders. That to without reading anything or without taking somebody’s help. That’s why I love this post.


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