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Free Photoshop Tutorials Websites

Free Photoshop Tutorials

Free Photoshop tutorials are available on different web platforms. These websites are mainly solving the difficulties some users may meet in the Photoshop software. This tutorial talks about the top 10 best websites free Photoshop tutorials.

Free Photoshop tutorials websites are very useful to those that do not have knowledge of Photoshop before. To be sincere, nobody wants to look indecent, ugly and unpleasant in his/her pictures. Am I right?

Everybody wants to receive complement comments like ‘wow, gorgeous pictures! looking good! etc.” while sharing them with friends on social media platforms.

Apart from that, we want to create images, logos and so on for our blog websites. In order to meet these, we need to learn Photoshop. Free Photoshop tutorials websites will help you a lot in accomplishing things and some other unmentioned things.


Free Photoshop Tutorials Websites

Designing a picture or logo with Photoshop is not easy because you must use various kind of actions, commands, effects and available tools in the Photoshop software. The fact is that; tell novice to never panic, because he can also become a professional graphic designer on a condition. The condition is that; he should stick to these free Photoshop tutorials websites.

Below are the online websites which you can use to learn free Photoshop tutorials:

1. Lynda Free Photoshop Tutorials

Lynda is one of the websites hosted for presenting creative skills, thousands of video tutorials software, project-based tutorials. You will be able to learn free Photoshop tutorials here on Lynda. 10-day free training trial and choice of prefer topics are available. A range of subscription options is also offering there. You are allowing to subscribe for cheapest subscription of $25 per month and you will gain access to their weekly courses and video tutorials.

 2. Skillshare Photoshop tutorials

With Skillshare website, you will gain a lot of online courses and tutorials on everything. On skillshare, you will find hundreds useful courses to help you make just about anything. Among hundreds of the courses is a special one for free Photoshop tutorials’ videos.

Skillshare offers free version of both videos and written tutorials with four-hundred and seventy-seven (477) classes. Not only free versions, premium version is also available with the access of almost 4000+ courses and offline access.

3. Tuts Plus Photoshop Tutorials

Tuts Plus seems to be the unsurpassed site to learn free Photoshop tutorials. It covers many free tutorials though the premium courses are also available.

Tuts Plus has a Photoshop subclass which covers more than 2,500 free Photoshop tutorials.

Many tools are available on Tuts Plus, contents like color correction and typography etc. This site also presents numerous free tutorials on topics like digital imaging and so on. Visit Tuts Plus today for free Photoshop tutorials

4. Adobe Photoshop tutorials

Adobe Photoshop tutorials is totally free. We can 100% say none of other Photoshop tutorials is better than Adobe because the original creator of the software is Adobe. The Photoshop tutorials from the adobe are more reliable.

5. Photoshop Cafe

Photoshop café is another website which offers excellent resource of free training for some software. It also offers free Photoshop tutorials. This website is very easier to use by both novices and professionals because their tutorials are very short and straight. Premium training is also available on Photoshop café.

6. Spoon Graphics

Spoon Graphics is also a website which offers online training courses. Although, their website might not regularly update, but their courses are matchless and quality. Here, you can also try their online free Photoshop tutorials. Spoon Graphics also offers free brushes, photo effects and so on.

7. Deviant Art Photoshop Tutorials

This is also one of the top 9 free websites to find various graphic designers and free Photoshop tutorials. Here you can also show your talents. Deviant Art website also has a sub-domain for those that interested in free Photoshop tutorials and art learning.


8. PHLearn

Here, you will find numerous best of the both latest premium and free Photoshop tutorials. It is just like Photoshop café. You can also learn both photo and Photoshop on PHLearn. It also offers premium actions of Photoshop together with pro textures and patterns which you can use in your designs.

9. Photoshop Essentials

Photoshop essential training courses are very useful for both newbies and professional in graphic design and editing. It offers basic tools for clean web design, editing and manipulating, retouching etc. It is very easier to use in term of learning free Photoshop tutorials.

Above are the top 9 websites that offer free Photoshop training. Do you know any other website or having any opinion, please share it using the below comment box?

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