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Whether we talk about Android Smartphone or another operating system, security is always one of the first concerns of users. In this context, we took the opportunity to offer you something explanatory list. That’s in order to explain how to improve the security of your Android Smartphone.

Configure a lock screen of Android Smartphone

By getting a new mobile or after reinstalling a new version. One of my first basic rules is to set up a lock screen. No matter which one you choose, you absolutely have to set one up. Why? It’s simply because a smartphone – like anything else – is never immune to anyone.

A lock screen is required on an Android Smartphone.

From the native options of Android, note that three methods dedicated to locking the screen: “Diagram”, “PIN” and “Password”. If your Android device has additional features such as a fingerprint reader or iris scanner, these options may be present.


How to improve security of Android Smartphone android screen lock

You can also enhance the Android Smartphone lock screen by activating the Smart Lock functions. Let’s go back in the previous menu and go down a little lower. If you look carefully, you can see a menu called “Smart Lock”. Thanks to this one, you will be able to amplify the security in the locking of your Android. And by synchronizing it with a reliable device (such as an Android Wear watch, for example), being located in a familiar location and / or improving the detection of the device when it is worn. Here, you can also find the options of locking by the voice and the face.

On-Body Detection (Smart Lock): the dream bodyguard on Android Smartphone 5.0+

In a nutshell, encryption is a process that refers to the transformation of information so that an unauthorized party cannot read it. Nevertheless, a trusted person can decrypt the data and access it in its original form. There are a host of encryption / decryption methods, but the security key is not a proprietary algorithm. The most important thing is to keep the encryption key (password) for yourself, so only trusted people will know it. Without this, it will be very complex for another person other than you to break that key. It is indeed possible, but it takes years to find the password that will turn that heap of waste into a disk that has readable information.


How to improve Android Smartphone security encrypt phone

Encrypting your Android Smartphone device will make it incomprehensible to hackers.

Check permissions / permissions for installed applications

Unlike other closed mobile operating systems, the opening of Android allows users to have a view of the requested permissions of Google Play apps prior to installation, in addition to being able to configure them Partially since Marshmallow. You will agree that a Torch Lamp app does not have to claim access to GPS, contacts, etc.

Android  Smartphone management permissions

Use a private virtual network (VPN)

If you do not want someone or something to track down your actions on the web, then you need to use a private virtual network (VPN). Instead of being directly connect with the sites you visit, you will then connect to a server that will in turn connect to the target website by camouflaging your browsing data. Here, the primary purpose of this model is to protect your privacy, but it does not really offer complete anonymity.

At the same time, a VPN can also use to simulate a false geolocation on the web. Let’s start with the example you want to access Canadian content, but a barrier prevents you from accessing it because you are living in France. Thanks to a VPN, you will be able to change the server to position yourself on Canadian soil. And so remove this barrier which prevented you from continuing your journey.

Installing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) on Android Smartphone

On Android, there is a large library of VPN applications. That being said, we recommend that you do not use the free versions of these applications that, for the most part, use the P2P (peer-to-peer) network that is being tracked in many countries. That being said, the best way to take advantage of a virtual private network is to take out the purse. Here again, Android applications like Tunnel Bear, CyberGhost or VyprVPN let you get an idea of ​​the usefulness of a VPN (Android and other platforms).

Disable Unknown Sources, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS On Android Smartphone

Starting with unknown sources, this feature is only activate if you install an application – which you know – outside of Google Play, like WhatsApp, which offers the APK installation file on its website in beta. If it ever comes from a pirate site, it is – in some cases – possible that an individual has changed elements of the internal code by introducing malicious command lines and then resigning it as if nothing had happened. was. Be careful what you install, it’s the pirate applications that cause the most damage every year, whether Android Smartphone or other mobile operating systems.

Android google maps 9 8 1

The “Unknown Sources” function is base on the “Security” section. If you do not use them, consider disabling NFC and Bluetooth. These two functions, which allow you to transfer data directly into your Android, are true strainers. In some manufacturers, there are even native applications that activate and / or deactivate these functions on the fly according to your position. As long as you are there, you can also disable the GPS location, at least those in apps for which the function is not useful. Moreover, its deactivation will allow you to gain autonomy. One less weight for the battery.


Renew the way to use your Android Smartphone device

Finally, be aware that you can also improve your privacy / privacy by adjusting the way you use your phone. If you no longer use an application, game or other content, consider uninstalling it. Check the content you receive on your Android device, even if it’s from Google Play.

In conclusion, be aware that it is useful to use passwords, encrypt your phone calls, and use a VPN. If you consider all or a lot of the advice described here, it will already be a step towards the security of your data. No one is immune to anything. Do not forget that any security – whatever it is – always ends up giving in one day or another.

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