Windows 10 Fall Creators Update
Microsoft release Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Microsoft intends to release Windows 10 Fall Creators Update on October 2017.

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Microsoft executive vice-president of OS, Terry Myerson reveals Windows 10 fall creators update which set to start by October 2017. This update will available to every Windows 10 users globally.

Why Windows 10 fall creators update? The main idea of the update is nothing but due to the fact that it enables some creative activities and new features. It will also protect the users through bio-metric hardware-based login enhancements using ‘Windows Hello’.


New Features of Windows 10 fall creators update

  1. The update will allow Windows 10 users to mark on PDF contents on the inking side. Such example was demonstrated during the IFA talk presentation.
  2. New Windows 10 update will also buttress a ‘SMART INK’ tech to help drawing. With the update, users will be able to draw any shape perfectly via the software.
  3. Also, in the Windows 10 fall creators update, Microsoft will have a Find My Pen feature. The Find My Pen feature will display where the users used their lost pen device last.
  4. Windows 10 fall creators update will also have OneDrive Files On-Demand feature. This will allow the user to open the stored files of Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage infrastructure. Users will access this storage from their local Windows file picker or through a Windows Store application. Its icons will display whether files are store locally on a device or in the cloud, however those files are on all occasions visible to the users.
  5. Windows 10 fall creators update will also display as a button ‘allows your game to use full processing power of your device as if it was Xbox game console’ in the Game Mode. Very interesting, the feature will work with ‘Xbox Play Anywhere’ games.
  6. The Windows 10 fall creators update also allow Eye Control tracking accessibility improvement. This will allow anybody that has motor impairments to control a mouse through their eye movements.

Device Support

Microsoft announced that the fresh operating system (OS) will get matched with the Intel 8 generation processors, and Nvidia graphic card. Improvement of battery lifetime with the support of 4K and OLED screens.

According to the IFA talk, Microsoft has 6 PC “collections” categories, this ascribes to latest Windows 10 PCs. The categories are different, entry-level, gaming, mixed reality, modern main stream, premium and professional.

500 Million Users

At the moment of the keynote, corporate vice president for the Windows Consumer and Device Business – Nick Parker, confirmed that five hundred million users were running Windows 10, constructing it Microsoft’s fastest growing operating system. He also said that 1 billion users uses the Windows every day.



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