millions of instagram accounts hacked
millions of instagram accounts hacked

Instagram accounts hacked by Hackers

Instagram accounts users has to be more careful due to the recent alerts from the Instagram since some hours back. They are updating both verified and unverified Instagram account users about their safety from the hackers.

After iCloud’s attack, this Instagram account hacking is the most second greatest attacks from hackers on the web.

Millions of Instagram accounts are already hijacked including great celebrities’. The worst part of it is that, these hackers are now trading with the Instagram accounts users’ contacts and emails. Those keywords are: insurance, wGu edu , Colarado State university, Jyoti Sharma, Health care, Mesothelioma Law Firm, Donate Car to Charity California, Donate Car for Tax Credit, Donate Cars in MA, Donate Your Car Sacramento, How to Donate A Car in California, Sell Annuity Payment, Donate Your Car for Kids, Asbestos Lawyers, Structures Annuity Settlement, Car Insurance Quotes Colorado, Annuity Settlements.

Instagram accounts users have to be more careful about the safety of their accounts. It is necessary to protect it from hackers. Although, hackers are more trying in any way to hack social media accounts – especially, Facebook and Instagram accounts. About six millions of Instagram accounts are now with them. And they are doing these for nothing but to make money through those accounts. They are putting those accounts on sale including contact numbers and email of the high-profile celebrities and others’.

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Doxagram responds to the users’ comment with “Our domain has been suspended by Facebook, and we will setup for service and new domain shortly. Please, sorry for the inconvenience”

Another person asks “please, what kind of information will be get?”.  They response to this with “dear, we can pull phone plus (+) name + email. Millions of fresh records are with us. We are on many news stories now.”

A glitch in the Instagram API help the hackers to use a bug on a set of codes that superficially enclosed the contact numbers and email of the Instagram accounts users.  They confirmed that the company has already dealt with the situation speedily.


The immediate victim about the bug came about after Selena Gome’z Instagram account with 125 million of hits hacked. They uploaded naked pictures of her ex-boyfriend – Justin Bieber. Those hackers did hack top class Instagram accounts. They succeeded with their evils with almost every top celebrities’ Instagram accounts. Her Instagram account was first suspended, however, it is now fully back and reopen after they fixed the issue.

selena gomez instagram account hacked


A spokesperson in a report on Time says “As always, we urge user to be more vigilant about their accounts and exercise caution if they meet any suspicious activity like unrecognized incoming calls, email and texts.


  1. It is dangerous with social media today, I have not heard of any safe platform. Everyone was hacked one day and will be hacked. This is a challenge for any hacker and they are exposed


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