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how to root any android device
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Root android device? what does it mean? It is a process whereby users of Android devices permit to run their Android mobile Operating System and get full authority to control their Android device’s system. Once you root your device you will have access to changing and customizing it any way.

You can root any android device of your choice by following this tutorial because, it talks a lot about rooting of android devices.  With these newest techniques, rooting your Android device will allow you to control your phone totally. You will be able to act as the main administrator and ability to change its device’s OS at any time.

What to Know Before You Root Android Device

I want you to know that you will enjoy some benefits after rooting your android device. IIt will provide the below benefits for you:

  1. Boosting your device battery life and performance.
  2. It gives room to unofficially upgrading from the current version to the latest one.
  3. Removal of preinstalled crapware from your phone.
  4. Rooting also gives opportunity to remove bloatware’s applications i.e. (Apps that are running in background and overwhelming your device’s battery and RAM.
  5. Tweaking opportunity; this include boosting of the SD card read or write, SIM detecting, Wi-Fi and Video streaming speeds.
  6. You will be the 100% owner of your phone because you are free to make it function the way you like.

Note: Verily, no data loss experience i.e. you will not loss any contents of your device’s data such as apps, contacts, images etc.

Different Techniques To Practice When You Want To Root Android Device

To root android device, there are numerous techniques to practice. If one failed, then proceed to another method.

#1 Using Kingo Root Software Method

Kingo ROOT software seems to be the unsurpassed Android rooting software which can be used through Personal Computers. It can be described as a Single – Click Root that designed for Windows computers. It will allow you to root android devices of your choice with one-click which has a success percentage of 90% to 95%. Kingo Root is the single one click root software which has tendencies of developers working on its perfections and to boost the device limit with many updates which release regularly.

Kingo root android device
Kingo Root

How to Root Android Device with Kingo Root Software

Precaution: If you enable any Antivirus on your PC, you are to disable it first for better performance.

To root android device with Kingo Root, you must apply these steps:

A: Firstly, you will enable USB Debugging Mode on your Android device. (To do this, just follow the below steps;

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Developer Option
  3. USB debugging
  4. Mark it to enable debugging.
root android device
USB Debugging

Unfortunately, developer option is invisible on some android versions such as Android 4.2.2 and above, however, you have opportunity to force this option show. To do that, follow these steps;

  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. About phone
  3. Built Number (You will have to tap on built number seven times until it shows a notification “you are now a Developer”)
  4. Go to USB Debugging

B: Download Kingo Root of your Operating System (Mac, Linux, Windows etc. run it and install it on your PC.

C: Open the Kingo app and connect your Android device to the PC via a USB cable

D: After your Android device is successfully connected to the PC, make sure you enable your USB Debugging). Doing that will make Kingo Root detect your android device automatically.

E: Click on ‘ROOT’. Now, Kingo Root will root your device and install SuperSU automatically on your android.

To know whether your device is successfully rooted or not, check these:

  1. SUPERSU application on your android device,


root android device - supersu

2. Download and install ROOT CHECKER App from your Android Play Store.

Hope this one-click rooting app worked for you? Otherwise, you can try method 2 below.

root android device - supersu
root android device – supersu

#2 Using VRoot App Method

Vroot is another application which can be used to root android device. The app is aiming at the outstanding and simplest knowledge for the android device users. The VRoot latest version support 8000+ of Android devices which is more active, easier and wilder than your imagination.

VRoot success rate is: 70% – 75%

root android device - vroot
root android device – vroot

How To Root Android Device with VRoot App

Below are the steps to follow in rooting android devices with VRoot software:

A: Download and install the VRoot App for your PC Operating System.

B: Tap on ‘Next’ to launch it.

C: Now, connect your mobile device via USB cable.

D: Enable USB Debugging mode.

E: Open your VRoot app and click Root.

F: Do not disconnect your device from PC yet until it reboots.

G: You can check whether its successfully rooted or not by downloading, installing and running Root Checker.

That’s all.

#3. Using Root Genius Software Method

Root genius is an alternative software for rooting your device if the aforementioned apps did not work for you. Root genius is indeed the best and calm rooting app with an extraordinary success rate. It is a Windows App and there is fewer chance for rooting your device accurately.

root android device - root genius
root android device – root genius

How To Root Android Device Using Root Genius Method

To root android device with Root Genius, the user has to follow these procedures:

A: Search, download and install Root Genius software.

B: Run the software as administrator.

C: Connect your Android phone to your PC.

D: Enable USB Debugging mode.

E: Carefully follow the guidelines displayed on the Root genius before proceed.

F: Tap on ROOT. Do not disconnect the USB cable while the root is processing.

G: Click done, follow by Finish. At this level your device will reboot.

H: Don’t hesitate to check if your device is successfully rooted by using the last step of method 2.

Hopefully, these methods worked for your device rooting. However, rooting a device has numerous benefits but rooting it without following appropriate instructions can be dangerous.


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