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Schedule SMS apps are contributing to android users’ life directly or indirectly. Hopefully, it is marvelous to hear that a single missed message can be a source for much damage. Isn’t it? Not in a life threatening sense, but in a sense of positive mess your relationship with others.

Assuming you are a PRO of an organization and need to send a uniform information to the members. It’s excessively early or late in the day, and you intend to send it later. Or you have to remind your companion something important later in the day but you are busy and later forget. This may ruin a business affiliation. More so, you may intend to automatically send an anniversary or birthday texts to avoid wasting of your gold times. In a situation like this, you can handle these with the Schedule SMS Apps.


Schedule SMS Apps list

Human beings are very busy and forget a lot today but thanks to the below Schedule SMS apps. With these four apps, you can avoid problems by scheduling your texts ahead of a particular time. Are you with me? Okay, let’s quickly discuss about the top 4 schedule SMS apps.

1. Alpha Messaging

alpha messaging schedule sms apps

This is one of the schedule SMS apps that can be described as a smart personal SMS assistant. It can be use automatically to send out text messages ahead of a particular date and time. It is also responded to incoming calls and text messages automatically. Scheduled text SMS are events which can be either a day (date – based) or weekly (day – based). For the day-based events, you have opportunity to multiple choice days of the week. Mind you, the only problem is that each day will use the same time.

To enjoy canned responses, you must enable Quite Mode. You will be able to create multiple responses, each of the responses will catch a title and a message. While Quite Mode is on, you will have to choose any of your responses as ACTIVE. This will enable it to automatically send text messages to the callers or respond to the senders.

Click here to download Alpha Messaging (Freely) on play store

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2. Do It Later

do it later schedule sms apps

This is the number two of the top four of SMS schedule Apps. This could be now regard as the best modern app available. Enhanced SMS schedule apps were existing in the past, but they were just disappeared from apps Play Store today. May be they were incompatible with the newest versions of Android devices or they were now outdated. Following features make it stay the best:


  1. Do It Later has clean interface: It is adhere to decent Android design, and the yellow-white-teal color feature scheme is eye-catching.
  2. Very simple to use: You will just choose SMS recipients, input your texts, select the date and time of your choice, and save.
  3. Designation of a repeat frequency is possible: Here, you will make sure you wait for the app to asks before you proceed. Termination is highly possible and welcomed here.
  4. Selection possibility: if your android device has dual SIM support, you are to select which SIM to use.
  5.  Do it Later app do more than only text SMS: You can also sign in into 5 different platforms in settings such as; Facebook, Gmail, Hotmail, Twitter and Yahoo. You will use the app to schedule messages and updates on your feed.

Click here to download Do It Later app freely on play store


3. Schedule SMS

schedule sms apps

This app – Schedule SMS works like the Schedule SMS apps we mentioned before. To be sincere, there is no unique different between them except with a feature. What I mean is the ability to have your voice transcribed by Google’s speech-to-text after speaking your scheduled message. To you, does this feature valuable enough to prefer Schedule SMS app over the mentioned two? Maybe! Your answer to this question will depends on your intention, and level of how you prefer Google’s speech-to-text. This app also has great templates that is useful for special occasions like birthdays, festivals etc. Its interface is very clean. The only notable and disadvantage of the app is that you can only select a date and time. It has no repeat support, which is absolutely okay if you don’t need it.

Click here to download Schedule SMS Freely from play store

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4. SMS Planning

schedule sms apps planning

The ever best feature the SMS Planning has is that it’s fastest and lightest unlike the aforementioned three. It’s so simple to use.

Another great feature of SMS Planning is that it tracks every SMS you sent. You’ll be able to go back and confirm whether the SMS sent or not, to whom, etc it sent to.

Click here to download SMS Planning free on Play store


 In conclusion, the above four Schedule SMS apps are useful to schedule date and time of sending messages without delay. You have choice to select any one by downloading and testing it. I shared this post out of my experience after I tested the above apps one after the other. Doing this will allow you to have ability to the best of the four. Have you ever tested any of these? Do you know any other Schedule SMS Apps? Kindly share it here.


  1. I hadn’t heard of SMS planning before but there are effinitely times when I was meant to send a message along and forgot! This could have helped.

  2. I need to look into these!! I’m the queen of getting so busy that I forget things lol. And I honestly didn’t even know something like this was around.. . Thank you!

  3. I have heard of social media schelduling but never text planning! It’s actually a great idea and way of sending thinking about you texts to friends and family!


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