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Encrypted Email On Your Device and How to send it

Encrypted email has a lot of benefits, it contributes a lot to email protection and assists business conversions, transferring of media files etc security while sending it. The above reasons call for encrypted email on our devices.

Today, I’m going to share the easiest ways to send encrypted email on a device with the help of an application. This application will make sure your email privacy is secured from the hackers. You’ll totally free from any attacks with these tips. Are you with me? Okay, let’s move on.

Some email users who are new to encrypted email service will probably need some hints and tips to follow. In order to aid those users is the reason behind this article. At the end of this tutorial, we hope they’ll know easiest, effective and simple to way to encrypted email!

More Details About Email Encrypted

Though, the email service providers offer complete security to the client accounts, but the users may want more security. If that should be the case, encrypted email can handle the task effectively. Why? It’s due to that encrypted email makes it difficult for any attacker to hack your data.

On a more serious note, email encryption is very important because our transaction here will be more secured. Anonymous and unverified users will not have access to our data.

Before we continue, let’s test our ability by show what encrypted email mean? Why do we need it? What’s special in it?

What encrypted email or email encryption mean?

Now, we have to know what happens while sending the emails to the recipients. The only thing you should concern with, is to send the email. When you send the email, it goes through the secure networks to the other end. Mind you, this so-called secure connection is not secure? Do you know why? Hackers could really interrupt the network securities and hack your emails. They will have access to important data of the senders and receivers.

The encrypted email or email encryption is an act of securing email data with a code or password from the sender to the receiver. Now, receiver can never access the data without entering the password. The only harm that hackers can do is to crack that security any way which could result to permanent lock. It won’t useful for the attackers.


Easiest Steps to Send Encrypted Email On any device

Now let’s discuss about the steps to take while sending encrypted messages on our smartphone. Just follow these methods and steps:

1st Step: Search for this tool on internet GPGTools installer and download the one compatible with your operating system.

2nd Step: Install your GPGTools Installer software on your device. Moreover, you will install Enigmail extension, but make sure that you install the compatible version of your corresponding desktop client.


3rd Step: Now that you have through with the installation, open up the email client on your desktop. Here, you’ll see an OpenPGP option in the menu. Just open the menu and tap on the Key Management option.

4th Step: From the shows window on your device, click on the ‘Generate Button’ and ‘New Keypair’.

5th step: From the Generate OpenPGP Key Window, you’ll extract the key pair for your email address by filling it. After that, select your password for the encrypted email service.

6th step: Tap on the ‘Generate Key’ button, and make sure you wait till the end of processing.

encrypted email

7th Step: Here, you’ll need to open the Email client on your desktop and then navigate to the Key Management. Now, right-click on the keys you want to save and complete it with “Export Keys to File.” Also, you will see a question to export the security keys, yeah, just export these too via the Export Security Keys option.

encrypted email

8th Step: This moment, you will be able to configure the email client, just open your email client and go to the OpenPGP menu. Are you there already? Ok, choose the Sign Message and Encrypt Message options. Now, you are free to compose any message as normal and send it to the appropriate recipients.

9th step: The recipient must be knowing how to get access to the file with the encrypted email password. You will only know the way to show the password, either meeting one on one or any other means.


In conclusion, the above are the easiest steps involve in securing your emails through encrypted email on your devices. If you follow the steps correctly, you have protected your email from hackers’ attacks.

If you have any other way to encrypted email, please share it in the below comment box. Your ideas are welcome. Thanks for reading. Please don’t forget to share this post if you find it helpful. Sharing is caring.



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