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Android Smartphone is an operating system full of surprises, and among them the developer options have a great place. These options are intended for professionals, but many of them are useful for the average user. Here are 14 secret tips to improve your Android experience.

How To Access Android Developer Options

  1. First, you need to go into your Android Smartphone  settings.
  2. Click Settings> About Phone .
  3. You will see a menu called “build number“. Tap on it seven times; a notification will appear informing you that you have enabled the developer options (which will now be present in the settings menu).

14 Secret Tips For Your Android Smartphone

Below are the fourteen secrets tips to improve your Android Smartphone experience

  1. Keep the screen active at all times

First of all, if you work long hours with your phone and are fed up with the screen that turns off by itself, this option is for you. This ensures that your mobile phone screen remains active even during recharging. To turn it off, you will need to use the on / off button.

  1. Limit background applications

This option limits the number of applications that can run in the background of your Android Smartphone. Selection is limited to a maximum of four simultaneous apps, but it is also possible to select “no app”. The processes will automatically close after using them.


  1. View design contours

This option shows all edges and edges of the virtual system. Once activated, it allows you to see all the limits of Android. This tool helps developers who work in interface design.

  1. Force GPU rendering

This option will be enabled on all 2D hardware applications, even if they are intended to work with other renderings. Forced rendering will improve the performance of your device, but may present a material risk: use caution.

  1. Show usage of CPU

By selecting this option, you will be able to display the CPU information on the screen. The tool shows all the active processes using the CPU and gives you graphical representations to illustrate the whole.

  1. Show the pulsations of the screen

This option allows you to see the gestures made on the phone screen. This visual feedback helps developers and users who want to see what is happening on their screen.

  1. Simulate secondary screens

This option shows secondary screens in different resolutions. It is thus possible to simulate the behavior of the mobile with other screen sizes and resolutions (shown in miniature on the screen).

  1. Process Statistics

This option allows you to see all active processes and applications for the last 23 hours. By selecting an application, it is possible to display information on the use of the RAM memory, the execution time and the services used.

  1. Pointer Location

The location of the pointer shows the path of the pointer on the screen and all the data selected by the user, as well as the different parts of the screen concerned. In addition, it is possible to measure the accuracy of the touch.


  1. Restore the speed of the system’s animations

You can completely disable your mobile’s animations to speed up the launch of applications. This option is valid for interfaces that have a lot of animations, or for especially slow phones. This tip will make your smartphone faster and more efficient

  1. Force the MSAA 4x

MultiSample Anti-Aliasing improves graphics quality in OpenGL ES 2.0 games and applications. Keep in mind that enabling this option will require good hardware, and will consume battery faster. You should however have better graphics thanks to the MSAA 4x.

  1. Enable USB debugging

This is one of the most widely used options. It allows programs on your PC to access the device via a USB cable. This is an intermediate step to root your phone, unlock it or install a ROM without rooting.

  1. Password for computer backup

If you want to create a backup copy of your data stored on your computer, it is recommended that you protect it by password. This option encrypts the copy, but be careful not to forget your password if you do not want to lose the data!

  1. Allowing for false locations

Fake Localization GPS helps to make your device look like you are anywhere in the world. This will prevent Google from knowing where you are, and doing many other things.

We recommend that you do not activate the developer options if you are not familiar with them.

Have you ever tried some of these functions? Lets see your testimony via the below comment box.


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