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SanDisk MicroSD Card of 400GB Data Released by Western Digital

SanDisk MicroSD Card with the storage of 400GB data is now available and unveiled by Western Digital. It’s now up to a decade back, when microSD card manufacturers were cawing that they could thrived 8GB of information to squeeze storage into a size of fingernail.

Are you afraid of letting your smartphone running out of storage space? Don’t panic anymore, because Western Digital’s SanDisk microSD card can hold forty hours of full HD video. Not only that, it also permits your smartphone device to store files and records of 400GB.


Benefits of SanDisk MicroSD Card

You will benefit a lot from using this latest SanDisk microSD Card. Why not? It is now possible to have a bigger SanDisk microSD card that will allow a data of terabytes – on your smartphone. However, the limit of a SanDisk microSD card which you can insert into most smartphone devices is 256GB. Mind you, the SDXC technology accept sizes of microSD card that is up to 2 (two) terabytes. With that, there is a possibility of growing before it calls for a new update.

SanDisk MicroSD Card western digital


 SanDisk microSDXC Card

The 400GB SanDisk microSDXC card will not surely cheap at a commended selling price of $250 as at now. With that, you will be able to input any data as much as possible on your PC or other devices.

“Smartphone devices are now epicenter of human lives. Customers are also adapted to using their mobile devices for anything like business to entertainment and vice versa. We users of those devices are collecting and passing enormous amounts of data via drones, personal computers, smartphones, tablets and so on”. Jeff Janukowicz, vice president, International Data Corporation, an outstanding analyst, said in a Western Digital statement.


Hard-drive maker of Western Digital bought a SanDisk microSD card worth of 16 billion dollars in the year 2016. This card makes flash memory chips. This transaction gave room to Western Digital to keep up stake in a chip production joint venture along the line with Toshiba. This is what really caused the huge tension between Toshiba and Western Digital companies. How? Toshiba aims to retail its own share to compensate massive losses in its nuclear power business, while Western Digital is leading an association that’s bidding for the share. At the same time, it engaged in a legitimate competition and fought to stop the sale from going ahead unless it gets unique rejection.


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